Welcome to the Pint, Pipe and Cross Club

Yesterday, Aug 6, 2013, I and a couple of others were inspired to attempt to start a Pint, Pipe and Cross Club based upon a post on Facebook by The Catholic Gentleman about a GK Chesterton quote, “the pint, the pipe and the Cross can all fit together.”

Eagle_and_Child_(interior)What a marvelous idea. I really enjoying having a good pint of strong ale (I homebrew 🙂 ), smoking my pipe and enjoying good, even spirited conversation about the Catholic faith. I think it was all kind of spontaneous, but I immediately envisioned a group of men gathering at a local pub once or twice a month and partaking of this type of activity. I picture JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis meeting at the Eagle and Child Pub (or as they called it, The Bird and Baby) in Oxford, engaging in lively discussion, having a few laughs, hefting a few pints, surrounded by pipe and cigar smoke, challenging one another to live as better Christian men.

This has all the elements that good Catholic men love, and it makes for a good environment to keep each other accountable and engaged in their faith.

Let me know your thoughts. I see this being something more. Catholic men gathering in an informal way to discuss the important things in life. It need not be complicated or contrived, but a organic movement. I love it. What say you?



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